Saturday, December 11, 2010


Berhati perut
Berhati manis
Berhati busuk
Berhati mulia
Berhati bunga
Berhati lembut
Berhati gagah
Berhati nyaman
Berhati syaitan
Berhati malaikat
Berhati keras
Berhati waja
Berhati tenang
Berhati binatang
Berhati kecil
Berhati besar
Berhati cinta
Berhati dua
Berhati nurani
Berhati hindustan
Berhati keji
Berhati hati

Monday, September 27, 2010


"Don't give up too easily on the things that matter most, because you never know what will happen if you let go"

It does got a point, although I've been several times trying to giving up. Thanks to my buds, I still got the courages to fight back and not giving up. Actually its been a while not hanging out with my friends because of this so called "Things that matter most". Feel sorry for them although they help me a lot trying to achieve "It". I wish if things were easy. Now all I had to do is don't give up, playing hard and you will achieve "It" like a true winner!!!!

p/s : It really feel sucks not to have it. I hope she's reading this :'(

Saturday, September 18, 2010


These knives are softer than broken dreams
Blood and tears are on the floor
I can't remember a time when I was good at something
I wear this tigersuit 'cause I'm a fuckin' lamb
Blood and tears are on the floor
I start to lick 'em
They're my daily bread.

For you??

"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up."

ily ..............

Friday, September 17, 2010


Hari ni agak sucks lah! Boring then macam-macam hal pulak. So aku just browsing tengok gambar lama and miss all the memories!! I wish I can turn back the time and having all the fun. Goodbye good memories.

Pesta gay sedunia.

p/s : Last pic ni time form 4, before move to Seremban. I wish i was never move to Seremban. :(

Panas Kot??


Firstly, i would like to thanks all the guys who came to my house!! As some of you know, today saya ada buat sikit makan-makan dekat ruma. Kira mini open house specially for friends! Untuk family i guess ritu consider dah buat kot? Time buat spaghetti ritu??

Two sets of menu were serve. Siang we serve Nasi Lemak, Rendang Daging and Sambal Ikan Bilis. Side dish dia ada lah lemang and nasi himpit. Sounds like biasa jer, but its not. Nasi lemak tu memang sedap!! Recipe turun temurun!haha. Rendang Daging tu pulak, jangan cerita lah, rasa sekali, nak lagi!! Ramai gila komen cakap sedap. Maklumlah, tangan siapa lah yang masak kn, mestilah sedap!!haha.

Nasi lemak ni pagi-pagi lagi dah masak, aku x bangun lagi time tu, haha.

Rendang sedang diprocess.

Okay, second menu pulak for the night was Nasi Briani, Ayam Masala and Mee Udang!! Luckily malam x ramai orang datang, so more for me!!!! hahaha. Ada juga kawan yang marah, sebab x cakap ada nasi briani malam tadi, haha. Sorry kawan!! :)

p/s; sorry, no image of Mee Udang. -_-'

Another thing, Moks i know u tgh tergugatkan?? ;p